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Zyxel U-1496 plus Modem

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Zyxel U-1496 plus Modem

Feel the need for speed :?: then look else where as this baby will only do 19.2Kpbs :!: and that's only when its twin is on the other end of the phoneline.

This is one serious piece of modem, and if you are serous about purchasing, the chance is you have been looking for one of these for sometime, it not for your everyday dial-up.

But for its voice or fax facility's, and its compatibly with Linux applications such as Hylafax or getty. (Please douple check last versions etc before purchasing.)

It comes as new still in its original shipping carton. and plastic bag, with cables accessories, manuals etc. The power adaptor is 230V but uses a European plus, Nothing that a shaver adaptor will not sort out.

I will check it over and confirm firmware version before shipping.

I purchased this for part of a voicemail project, but interest waned and it never really come off.

So I am offering a preview for loyal PlusNet forum users before this goes up on ebay.

If your are interest let me know.