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WTB Laptop Harddisk


WTB Laptop Harddisk

is there any laptop harddisk i can buy to fit in a toshiba tecraHuh anysize is fine?

WTB Laptop Harddisk

Maybe you should add WTB or Want to Buy: to the title, so people you are looking for this item and not selling one Smiley
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WTB Laptop Harddisk

Erm, I've got a few, one being a 4.3gb slim profile drive. Cant remember the make, I'll check tomorrow though and post back.

When I say slim profile, most of the Tosh laptops Ive come across have slightly slimmer disks (and less space) than some older ones.

Ive also got a 6.4gb IBM Travelstar disk, but this is of the thicker variety.

£20 for the 4.3gb + postage £2 recorded delivery via a private sale. This one has been mine since new so its been looked after

£25 + £2 for the 6.4gb, private sale. This is one I bought to sell, but its in good nick.

Both will be fdisked (unformatted before sent) Let me know if you are interested via PM and I'll tell you what payment options I have.