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Various PC components for sale.


Various PC components for sale.

Hey all, I have a small selection of various pc components for sale. Im not sure if anyone is interested at all but I will list them and then I will leave it up to you to decide.

1 x SCSI NEC CD-Rom ( speed unknown)

1 x QDI Legend mother board (brllianX 1S/2000) with a pentium 450Mhz cpu and fan attached

1 x Creative labs sound card (standard)

1 x S3 32mb Graphics card ( model unsure either trio or speedstar or something)

1 x Vanta TNT2 32Mb graphics card

I believe all the parts to be working although I have no way of testing them. All parts where taken from a fully working system and should therefore not have any reason not to work.
If you are interested in any of the parts above then please drop me a line via a reply on here or pm or even email.

All the best Tom.
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Various PC components for sale.

To clarify: Pentium or Pentium II? Prices?
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Various PC components for sale.

At that speed it will be a p2 or p3 and most likely a slot 1 rather than a socket based mobo. The original Pentium maxed out at 233Mhz.

If it is a slot 1 mobo, upgrading will be difficult and expensive.

Various PC components for sale.

hey Mike, Peter,

Yes its a pentium 2 and yes peter its a slot 1. Prices wise im open to offers.

all the best Tom.

Various PC components for sale.

got a PSU goin as well mate? cos i need a 2nd to power test boxes Cheesy