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Super Pet Deluxe Multi-floor Pet Home


Super Pet Deluxe Multi-floor Pet Home Third cage down

Super Pet Deluxe Multi-floor Ferret Home
Also mounted on a roller stand, this cage includes 9 comfort shelves, 2 safety ramps, 1 Bubble Wave Funnel and 1 hammock. It stands at an impressive 170cm (67") in overall height.

The shelves can be used either to allow the ferrets to range freely from floor to floor, or to partition the cage off into different levels if you have ferrets who don't get along.

FerreTrail Bubble Wave Tubing can be easily attached to the cage using the FerreTrail Passageway Connectors available separately.

The bars of the cage are 2.5cm apart, with 2 main doors in the front of the cage, both 20cm high and 25cm wide. There are also 4 smaller doors in the sides of the cage where the FerreTrail Bubble Wave tubing can be attached. Each of them is 15cm square.

Approximate dimensions: width 81cm, depth 51cm, height 145cm
(32" x 20" x 57")

This cage is only 2 months old, As New. £90 ono

Suit Ferrets or other small mammals. (could suit birds if the shelves were removed)[/url]