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Sony NetMD


Sony NetMD


Sony portable Minidisk player NetMD, minidisks and accesories.

Model number: MZ-N1

Can play and record all in one unit. Support 2x and 4x modes, for extended record times (4 CD's worth of music). Provides a quick and simple way to take your MP3 collection with your on the go.

Very cheap to expend the memory compared to MP3 players.

Record modes:
Mono: Double capacity of disk size
Stereo: Capacity of a single disk
Stereo 2x: Approximatly twice the capacity of disk
Stereo 4x: Approximatly four times the capacity of disk

Includes a battery attachment which mount onto the base of the player. This will increase the playback life of the unit from a single charge.

Bettery life was quoted at 10 hours whilst using a full charge and a new battery int he holder. I have used it for approximatly 30 hours on about 3 hours usage a day (at which point I would charge it. It has never had a full discharge).

1x Minidisk NetMD player and recorder
1x Original illimunated LED remote display and control, includes clip
1x Original sealed CD of software. Includes Sony OpenMD jukebox and needed drivers Version 2.2[AE] (see below for software compatability)
1x Original rechargable internal battery (see below for usage)
1x Original AC charger
1x Original NetMD charger and USB dock
1x Original single AA aditional battery holder - Connects to the underside for extented life
1x Original Leather sony case with belt clip
1x TDK optial sync cable for pure digital copies from CD to MD
8x 74min TDK minidisks comprising of the following

    2x Packaged unoppened (1 green, 1 orange)
    1x Opened with case with slight scratches from storage (charcoal)
    1x Opened with case, slight scratches from storage, includes unmarked track index insert (blue)
    1x Disk only with marked sticker on the spine (green)
    1x Disk only with marked sticker on spine and facia (red)
    2x Disk only with no stickers (1 red, 1 amber)

CD reads the following

For windows 98/Windows 98 SE/Windows ME/Windows 2000 Professional/Windows XP Professional/Windows XP Home edition

Battery has run approximatly 300 hours. Uses a standard Sony portable battery.

The package provides all the needed components to act as a player, with the exception of headphones (standard sized jack).

The package provides all the needed components to perform recordings from analogue sources, or digial via optical cable.

The package provides all the needed components to perform computer syncronisation with the exception of USB lead (stanard USB type A to USB Mini type B 5 pin)

USB cable may be available if I can find it without killing the snake of wires behind my system (if that is where it is)

In full working order with the exceptions noted.

Reason for sale: Purchased new equipment.
Photos: Available on request (give 72 hours)

Bought as new for £180 24 months ago, so this isn't the latest model. Unused in any way for 7 months, though has been used over the past two weeks, so I know it is in working order.

See MZ510 @ Muse Portable Audio for a near contender from todays technology.
Note: The MZ510 requires a AA battery (no supplied high quality rechargable) and doesn't have a dock.

Asking price: £90 O.N.O
No time wasters please

Postage estimated at £5.30 plus packaging
Will be sent using Royal mails special delivery.
Added loss/damage insurance available at a premium - Details on request

Please ask questions on this thread and make offers via PM.
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Sony MD unit

I make a lot of recordings onto MiniDisc using a microphone - will the software allow me to download these (copyright free) recordings to the PC?

At present I have to "play" the MD and capture it via the live in socket - works well but takes ages!

Sony NetMD

On this device, no. Only recording made using the Atrak software on the PC can be transfered.

Nothing is actualy every transfered off the device, only on. It will simply delete tracks on the device, and update the DB to reflect it.

Beyond that, this device sold on Friday anyhow Smiley