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Snap On Race Tool Box And Tools


Snap On Race Tool Box And Tools

Snap On Race Top Chest, 9 Drawers, Red

Pop-up Pallet for High Use Tools and Easy Access
Drawers Lock When Lid Is Down
Heavy-Duty One-Piece Drawer Runners
Double Wall Construction
U.S. Patent 5,322,305 applies to Pop-up Pallet

I paid £850 for it a year a go the box is in good nick, some very small scuffs but has got the cover below to go with it.

And cover:

Impact Wrench, Air, 1/2" Drive (50-450 ft. lb.) This gun is the business, it is used and comes a bit scrathed but does the job well. I PAID £155 for it.

3/8 Air rachet ( not sure of torque power) The ratchet is powerful and works well. I paid over £100 for it.

Snap on tools include
Set, Cutters/Pliers, 3 pcs. (I paid £90)
Large adjustable grips ( About £40)
Punch set ( ( forgot price but asked snap on £50 as one/two is missing)
Wire strippers (Paid £40)
Hammer (Paid £25)
Magnetic tray (Paid £15)
Impact socket set - 10mm -24mm i think lol. ( unsure )

Mac tools
Screw driver set. ( paid £80 )

Spanners are not snap on or mac paid about £50 for spanners so you may need to get a decent spanner set. But will do for somone starting out.

And more tools but will need to get to parents house as its stored there needs listing. Really if anyone is interested i can give them a full break down BUT what i am really working out the price on is the Race box, the 1/2 gun, and 3/8 air wrench and snap on tools. The other tools are selling as the whole in one lot, although i would say there is about £250 worth of others.

The box also has a race tool box cover ( bit dirty) As above pic.

Any questions etc let me know.

i may stick it on ebay if no interest but i would put a reserve of £950 and would say the lot is worth around £1500 if you had to buy again.

So with that in mind £850 ONO