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SWAP Lian Li PC75 for Lian Li PC65 or PC-60 plus


SWAP Lian Li PC75 for Lian Li PC65 or PC-60 plus

I've got one of those Huge PC75 Lian Li cases, And its killing me taking it too my local LAN, so I'm considering swapping it for another smaller Lian Li in about the same condition.
Its less than a year old and in perfect condition.
Its just like the PC70 Full tower aluminium case, except because it has a side window its classed as the PC75.

Photo below. (1024*768 link)

As you can see it pretty much dwarves my 19" monitor and the black ATX midi tower next to that.

Its an excellent case with more room than you'll ever need, Offers amazing cooling performance, And is the Ideal case if you want to add water cooling.

Specs are..

15 drive bays including..
6 x 5.25" bays,
3 x 3.5" bays,
6 x 3.5" internal bays.
Removable hard drive bay in bottom front of case,
Space for 2 x 80mm fans at front (3 position fan adjustment on front of case for, low, med, high)

2 x 80mm fan spaces to rear of case parallel with cpu.
2 x 80mm fan spaces at top above psu bay.
(Can also be used for second or redundant psu).
(This case comes with 2 x 80mm fans, you'll probably want to get coloured ones like I did).

Just read any review about Lian Li and you will see they are the best made aluminium cases.

Cheapest I could find (at a glance) was, For £123, and the side window was about another £35.

So even if I sold it for £100 it would still be a bargain (and there are'nt any on ebay either).

But I really want to stay with Lian Li (cos they rock) so will swap for a PC65 (PC60 with side window) or the PC60 Plus, which has12cm fans instead of 8cm.

Anyone interested and I'll pay P + P my end, and you do the same, at your end.