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Pentium 4 Northwood 3.06Ghz HT [SOLD]


Pentium 4 Northwood 3.06Ghz HT [SOLD]

Right guys and gals. I am selling my personal system here. I need a serious amount of space and need to shift things. I was looking at expanding my home network, but have since been instructed otherwise lol.

The spec is a moderate one. I have run Everest as its a lot simpler in my eyes.

For those of you who see voltages, and heat as a vital bit of info I have this

The case is a custom one in black. It also has a handle fitted tot he top of it.

Please note that the printer and lexar jump drive are not included with this

I also have a 19" Widescreen TFT monitor, however this will not be put with this system unless I have offers of a decent nature as im after buying a laptop with the money from this system.

Please post offers in this thread or send me a PM. I will consider a swap for a laptop and so the spec should be sent to me in a PM.

Many thanks for looking.

Pentium 4 Northwood 3.06Ghz HT [SOLD]

I forgot to mention that I have this system advertised elsewhere, so you need to be quick if your interested, else it may already be gone.