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PC Stuff


PC Stuff

Ive got a few things for sale...

CTX VL700 17" CRT Monitor
$129 brand new, make an offer.

Coolmaster Socket A heatsink and fan
£5 + postage

250w Generic PSU
£7 + postage

2 sticks of PC 66/100 EDO Laptop RAM
£10 for both

1 2.01gb laptop hdd

1 charger for twinhead laptops

1 belkin pcmcia nic card
On that page : Retail Price: $39.99 Your Price: $34.00

1 peak wireless 802.11b wireless pcmcia card

Feedback here
Any questions, hit me up on msn, pm or email.
Collection is also available on all items, paypal, cheque, and bank transfer are accepeted. - pics