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Media centre PC


Media centre PC

Hi All

Looking to sell on my media centre pc as im going back to a gaming rig.

Following specs

Athlon 64 X2 3800
DVD-RW +- format
256MB Geforce 6800GT graphics with artic silencer mod (very quiet)
200GB SATA Drive
1.44mb floppy (just in case)
5.1 onboard sound
Hauppage wintv PVR 150

Enlight 7473 MAtx media centre SFF case with 250W PSU -
you need to do a google search for this case to appreciate how well it goes under the TV

built with love. the athlon clocks at 2ghz factory and 2.21ghz happily in this case as there is good ventilation

open to any decent offers. I am running windows XP MCE. also tested on XP pro and Vista (ultimate settings)