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For Sale: Hewlett Packard OfficeJet 630


For Sale: Hewlett Packard OfficeJet 630

All-In-One Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax machine. Approximately 3 years old, was used primarily for work purposes as a fax machine and occasional copying. It was from PC World and cost just under £300 at the time.

Due to getting more into digital photography, I have since purchased a Canon i850 printer and Epson scanner and my employer has since furnished me with a HP T45 all-in-one machine for work related stuff, so my HP 630 has been redundant for some time. In fact, it's now in the loft, hence the sale.

It comes with 4 spare ink cartridges (HP originals, black and colour), original manuals, CDs, leads and documentation.

I am not certain of its value, so am open to any decent offer. Feel free to contact me directly if you wish to make an offer or know more about it.

Here is a link to an explanation of the HP OfficeJet 630 and it's features, along with a review.



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