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Canon Power Shot A200 digital camera

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Canon Power Shot A200 digital camera

This camera was purchased in the Carnary Islands early this year, it was available in this country but not to a great extent, there is a large amount of info on the web for this camera, particularly US sites where it continues to be a popular camera.

This is a camera really aimed at the next step past the beginner, it's auto everything (with manual control if required) and has a few nice features not usually found on this level of camera (such as low light level rangefinding)

Tecnically it's 2.0 mega pixels, with 4 x times digital zoom, movie clip capable and a macro feature.

Comes complete with USB lead, manual (this was downloaded as the original didn't have English, so is A4 size) software disks etc. AND 32Mb compact flash card together with the included at purchase 8Mb card.

I also have an especially orderd mains adaptor for this camera, and a Belkin card reader (the camera that replaced this uses Smart Media cards)

Offers for this largely unused camera of around £100 considered.
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