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Canon BJC 4400 printer

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Canon BJC 4400 printer

Replaced by the excellent Canon i865.


boxed unopened 1 x BCI-21 colour cartridge
boxed unopened 1 x BCI-21 black cartridge
boxed unopened 1 x BC-20 black cartridge (that seem to go on forever)
1 x almost new BC-20 in the printer
(which are probably worth more than the printer!!)
Couple of BC-21e print heads + 1 box holder (heads may have dried out)
1 x BC-22e Photo-colour cartridge and box holder (not sure how much if any life left in this)

All manuals and set-up disks inc Win 95,98,Me, 2000, drivers for XP available on-line, haven't got the Mac disk though.

Parallel connection only, supply your own lead.

Works fine, but by today's standards noisey, 720x360 dpi not good enough for modern digital cameras, and a bit slow, the large black only BC-20 cartridges may make it attractive as a second document only printer for the avid colour/photo printer user, which it is more than good at, not laser quality perhaps but good enough for dashing off snotty letters to the bank.

Or for someone who wants to experiment with "fill your own" cartridges, this may be the ideal machine to try it out with.

I also have a spare PCi parellel board which could be configured as LPT2 if you don't have anywhere to plug it in on your PC (provided you have a spare PCi slot of course)

Price...well you tell me!!

Could bring it to you, but fairly low value of printer these days would make much more than 25 mile radius from Watford Herts a bit uneconomic.
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