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Boat for Sale


Boat for Sale

Ski/Power Boat: 15'
Used regularly for slalom, wakeboard, etc .
Mariner outboard, road trailer, many extras.
Good condition. Kept garaged Nr COVENTRY.

₤2300 o.n.o

Boat for Sale

Any pictures?

Last service on outboard etc?

Updated details

Last service last Sept - winterising, requires de-winterising and check - which can be done before re-use.

I shall take some photos when it stops raining long enough..! (and I can fiqure how to upload them!)
Basically, It's a make called 'Labrador' made in York using a Picton mould.
The hull's white with a red stripe, (4) red seats. The two front are bucket style, the front passenger is currently set for the observer when skiing, but can of course be turned to face forwards. The rear is a bench seat.
Trailer (blue) had new bearings and new tyres recently.
The engine's a Mariner55, which according to the boat maker is the perfect match, it has a 13" prop that gives a good deep water mono start, also 15" which came with the engine which gives a (slightly) higher top speed and is OK for combo skis.