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Alcatel SpeedTouch Pci Modem


Alcatel SpeedTouch Pci Modem

Alcatel SpeedTouch Pci Modem

Nearly new,working, with xp driver disk
Alcatel Speed Touch™ PC is an internal ADSL modem, which conveniently plugs into any desktop computer, eliminating the need for an external modem. The Alcatel Speed Touch PC connects to a telephone line and fully complies to practices governing the PC world (e.g. plug-and-play). The Alcatel Speed Touch PC supports the current standards in DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone) ADSL modulation to ensure interoperability with service providers’ DSL systems

* Up to 8 Mb/s downstream
* Up to 1 Mb/s upstream
* Compliant with all uk isp's
* All Alcatel Speed Touch PC variants can operate with a central splitter or splitterless (with in-line filters)

(note wll not work with linux)

i Got good speeds With my Plusnet 6.58mb connection On Windows Xp
BUT i brought it for my linux firewall box which it seems not to like
I Paid £25.00 for this 2 months ago It has only been on the internet Once it's boxed with drivers

I Would SWAP it for any working ethernet modem (Without a firewall or with if it can be turned off)

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