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Abit Ai7 Guru Motherboard


Abit Ai7 Guru Motherboard

Ive had this motherboard for a while, i got it as a present (yea quite a present eh?) and i have never gotten around to use it (ITS BRANDNEW IN BOX NEVER OPENED). It retails at around £61.99 not including p&p (the cheapest i can find it) and im offering it for around £45 with an extra £5 for postage. Drop me an email at (or add me on msn) and i do also accept paypal. Here is a direct link too the specification of it:

(It still has most of its garentee etc it probably has around 8months left on it)

I was going to sell it on ebay but ill give you guys here first dibs on whether you want it or not, ill update the post once its been sold!