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** ARCADE MACHINE ** If you like retro games this is IT !


** ARCADE MACHINE ** If you like retro games this is IT !

Up for sale

1 Original 1970-ish Arkanoid Cabaret Cabinet (upright about 5 foot) - fully restored, painted matt jett black. original glass (TAITO), 2 player, 8 way joysticks, 6 button configuration. (Joysticks black, buttons red, with 1player and 2 player white buttons)

The cabaret cabinet is unique in that you look down at a 45 degree angle onto the screen ... hard to explain but brilliant .. seeing is believing ...

* 17" Kiosk LCD monitor (ie mounted propertly !!)
* XP 2000 CPU, 513mb RAM, 80Gb HDD, pc speakers
* Full professional interface into the controls
* LEGAL Copy of windows XP Home
* all software to frontend the emulators

This is capable of playing virtually any old system, the obvious choice being mame but also gb, gbc,gba,nes,snes,sega genesis, N64 etc etc etc

Also capable of being a MP3 jukebox. Also included is a (cheap) wireless transmitter to transmit mp3's or game sound to yout home cinema system (currently not wired in)

This cost over £750 to build, make me an offer (starting at that level !!!).

Reason for sale - want to move onto my next project "media/ games" PC for the lounge

Seriously interested people are welcome to stop by for a game ...

UPDATE ... just saw on firebox, you can buy a space invaders clone (plays only that game ..) for £2200 ...
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** ARCADE MACHINE ** If you like retro games this is IT !

You got any pics?

I'm not interested myself, but pics make selling a whole lot easier.