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ADSL Router, £50 good for beginners


ADSL Router, £50 good for beginners

Perfect for anyone wanting to start up on broadband and not pay 100's. I've been using it for 5 months roughly, and had no problems with it.

Not a mark on it
can be made to be internal, this is good for people without much room
comes with serial conneoblection so you can telnet aswell as connect through the internet to set it up.

Password function to stop anyone messing with the settings
You could connect to a hub and use on a network

£50 includes

1 Cross over Cable approx. 1.5m
lan-to-telephone connection (this fits into the filter)
The Router itself
MAINS Power supply
Instructions on how to set up, with the routers IP address included as standard.
Recorded P&P

Note: You Don't need drivers for a router because it sets itself up instantly.
I am open to offers, payment by paypal, cash, cheque, P.O. unfortunately i cannot accept nochex i still setting up my account with them sorry.

No offence to PLUS.NET but this is a good router to start you with their service, as it's cheaper

Please contact me either by profile or e-mail me, I can send you a picture of the router and more details when i know your interested!

Tom Lowes

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ADSL Router, £50 good for beginners

Mind telling us the model? It would mean people would have a better idea of what they're looking at!


Model Unknown

I am unable to give you the model or version as i have no idea

I've forgotten however have included an image for everyone to look at i'll try to find the model number for you.

All the flashing lights, so obviously it works

From upabove, it's actually a very small unit

Here you can see the Serial, RJ45, Power and Telephone ports

Tom Lowes