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4 sale;- Intel Celeron 700mhz with heatsink& fan


4 sale;- Intel Celeron 700mhz with heatsink& fan

I have a Intel Celeron 700mhz Socket 370 FSB 100mhz for the knock down price of £15 plus p+p. This CPU is working and undamaged in every respect. Includes Heat sink and Fan.

A cheap way for anyone looking to up-grade a Pentium 3 setup.

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4 sale;- Intel Celeron 700mhz with heatsink& fan

I currently run a P3 550, can I ask a question please?

Will it drop straight into my existing P3 equiped ATX motherboard?

I could be very interested, let me ponder on it till payday, if anybody else in the meantime shouts that they want it that's fine with me, I'm not taking first refusal, but if it's still around in a couple of weeks then I'll contact you again.

Hows that...

Psst... don't want to swap it with an unused Win XP I suppose? no I thought not....
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