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youth football


youth football

I run a girls football team, my daughter play's in it. We started the team up in April and most of the players have never played football before. Only two have played league football, my daughter being one of them.

We had a friendly a month after starting up against a mid table established league team and lost that 2-1. TBH we were shocked that the score was so close. We then entered a tournament 6 weeks after starting up and came third from bottom, ahead of league teams.

This saturday i arranged another friendly with an established league team. We lost 3-0, two of the goals being own goals. All in the space of five minutes in the second half the girls lost the plot. The remarkable thing about all this is not the fact for the last ten minutes we gave them relentless pressure hit the cross bar twice , ball rolling along the line and the other team on the back foot. Not the fact that our girls started from scratch in April and eight of my girls could not even kick a ball. Its not even the fact that this team have got mountains of experience and play league football. No, its the fact that my team are under 12s and they were under 14s.

I'm so proud of them all, when my daughter played for a team last season that just started up, they were losing 17-0 15-0 10-0 7-0. We have admittedly not won a game but our score lines are encouraging and we have drawn games in the tournements with league opposition.

This season we will be playing in the new forest league and will play in in the second division of the under 12s league. This will be made up of new teams like our selves and the poorer teams of last season. I feel my girls will make an impacted and i have been told that the girls are getting a reputation with in girls football.

Roll on the season i say, Because we will be playing teams on a more even playing field, excuse the pun. All i need to sort out is the finishing, position wise they are there, but what they lack in skill they make up in grit determination and spirit.

The club I'm with is an FA charter club and i am an FA qualified coach.
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youth football

Sounds like you're doing a good job there. Hope the season goes well for you Cheesy
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 Chris Parr
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youth football

I think they will do great .

Here is a link to some photos .
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youth football

You've clearly done a good job Dusty and brought a bit of confidence to the team.

To go from score lines like that to those that you are seeing now must be encouraging.

Give it a bit of time and they'll be lifting silverware Smiley

There's a nice bit of PlusNet orange in those shirs Tongue

youth football

EDIT Those score lines before were from another team my daughter was in and i had no part in that team. I decided to start a new team with a new club, because that team was so badly run .

They are quick learners, i am proud of them all and i really think against opposition of new teams like our selves we may do well in the league we are in. Only time can tell but one thing these girls have is spirit. Even tho they were playing girls two years older than them and 3-0 down, my god they battled till the end and to see the other team struggling in the last 10 minutes was a great sight.

I'm taking the girls on Saturday to watch saints play lazio. Its great being involved in something like this. I spent the last 7 years on my bum in front of a PC. This time last year i decided to do something about it and learn how to coach and get a few FA Badges and iv never looked back. Not only do i get satisfaction out of it but made some great friends with in the club.