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world cup quiz

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world cup quiz

In which World Cup were both semi-finals decided on penalties?

A: USA 1994
B: Argentina 1978
C: Italy 1990
D: Spain 1982

Between 1950 and 1974 the title was won six times out of seven by the team that...

A: Kicked off
B: Were awarded a penalty
C: Conceded the first goal
D: Got the first yellow card

During the Second World War where was the World Cup trophy hidden to prevent it falling into hands of occupying forces?

A: Shoe box
B: Plastic bag
C: Safe
D: Suitcase

In the 2002 qualifiers which team featured players whose surnames almost exclusively began with the letter ‘R’?

A: Madagascar
B: Italy
C: Morocco
D: Japan

How many minutes had been played when Geoff Hurst hit his legendary goal off the bar in the 1966 World Cup Final?

A: 88 minutes
B: 118 minutes
C: 73 minutes
D: 101 minutes