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wireless vs ethernet ADSL setup


wireless vs ethernet ADSL setup

I'm having trouble setting up my ADSL connection using wireless. I'm unable to connect to voyager.home/ to login for the first time. Anything I've read says *not* to connect the ethernet cables until the wireless login is successful. Is this really necessary? It's preventing me from using my broadband until I sort out the wireless issue.

So my question is: even though I've a wireless router, can I still use the broadband via ethernet while I sort out the wireless issue?

thanks in advance for your help

ethernet works but no wireless

Ok I've finally managed to set up the broadband by simply connecting to the wireless router using an ethernet cable. And here I am online with f9 broadband. Grand.

However, on two different laptops (WinXP and OS X), the wireless cards detect the router but won't let me connect. I've entered the WEP key correctly in both.

On the WinXP, the error message I'm getting is telling me that the problem occurred because the network did not assign a network address to the computer.

wireless vs ethernet ADSL setup

you should be cable to connect wirelessly to your router without having to use a cabled connection.

Your router will be probably set to dhcp, if its not and its static, then set your wireless connection to static with the ipaddress as next one in the range.

make sure you can connect without any problems before enabling protection.

only once you have got the connection working should you enable wep/wpa protection.

if using wep then select 128bit and you will need to enter 13 hex codes (26 characters in total in the range 0-9,a-f)

and yes you can still use the eth connection until you get wireless sorted