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use of Apache UserDir for public_html directory


use of Apache UserDir for public_html directory

hello all
am experimenting with putting an application on my newly-enabled CGI wespace. I'm pretty familiar with unix but much less so with web-based applications etc.

I am interested in using the UserDir feature of Apache, so that I can access scripts using the


construct. I have created a ~/public_html directory, and this eems to be OK because I can (via telnet) do the following:

    > lynx -error_file=/dev/stderr -dump http://localhost/~myname/ >/dev/null # myname is my f9 account name

    URL=http://localhost/~myname/ (GET)
    STATUS=HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Hwever I can't seem to access any (eg. CGI) scripts I create within this directory - I get a '403 Forbidden' error.

I know that I don't understand the whole picture here, but do I need to contact f9 to get then to set up this UserDir feature beynd what I have done?

Thanks for your thoughts
Jon N

Do I need to ask f9 to