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uploading a PHP portal to FOL


uploading a PHP portal to FOL

I only once set up a PHP portal (for example PHP Nuke) and that was a personal NT server.

Where should I upload the whole portal to? I assume as the PHP don't execute when uploaded to
Should the whole uncompressed portal be uploaded to
How do I access it? (meaning, where is the index page suppose to be? Should I put a index.html file in my default folder which direct me to the index.php file in the CGI directory?)

Any help would be appreciated!

RE: uploading a PHP portal to FOL

Hi there,
i uploaded mine, to uncompressed. Then click start, click run, type
type username, and pswd.
then in the directory of that file type
tar -zxvf (whateverportal).tar.gz

i think put ur "" html/ "" file into the (it dose work, but i think i can cause secuity probelms??) don't really know, but once u have unziped the program, there should be a install "help" file!

Althoguh i had problem with my sql.. tell me if u had any, i would reccomend Geeklog system, if they wern't using a old SQL server!!!