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trying to set up ADSL Home but no joy


trying to set up ADSL Home but no joy

Received ADSL PCI modem with CD and a 'Your ADSL PCI Modem Setup Guide' on one sheet of A4 paper. If this is familiar to people then Step 3 shows a screenshot which in my mind does not exist. Also says to look for 'setup.exe' on the CD - which one? - there is 5.

After playing about I have managed to get to the 'AccesRunnerDSL' stage where box comes up for username and password - got these but do i put in a phone number?

Came with 2 splitters and a cable for modem.

Should cable have two small connections either end? (If you know what I mean)

Mine has standard Tel socket type with other end small. Plugged small in the ADSL modem and big Tel type in splitter.

I dont think this is right. Do I need cable with small connection type on both ends?

If anyone can help I would be most grateful.


trying to set up ADSL Home but no joy

Can't help you with the instructions, for I know nothing about this modem.

Concerning the connection lead, I think you're correct in saying you have been supplied with the wrong one -- I seem to recall someone a couple of months back posting with the same problem. The lead should have an RJ-11 connector at both ends, not an RJ-11 at one end and a BT connector at the other. The standard microfilters are built with an RJ-11 socket for the ADSL signal and a BT socket for traditional signals. You should Contact Force9 and ask for a correct cable to be supplied, or for reimbursement of the cost of acquiring one yourself. (As it happens an old modem cable may do the trick if you have one lying around.)

RJ-11 connector

BT connector

trying to set up ADSL Home but no joy

I had this problem. The CD drivers bore no relation to the product. Download the latest drivers from the manufacturers website and it will work (trust me I had to do this).
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trying to set up ADSL Home but no joy

Hi there!

Which modem were you supplied with?

I received the Binatone usb modem with two splitters, a usb cable to connect the modem to the PC, and a cable to connect the modem to the phone socket - it had the smaller connectors at either end.

The two splitters, or filters have one small hole for the modem lead. The larger hole is for any phone that you wish connected.

Watch out also for some cordless phones. Some can interfere with the broadband signal, but only when used for a telephone call!

It is advisable also to install filters at any phone socket, so if you have two phone sockets, do use the two filters.

trying to set up ADSL Home but no joy

I think it will be the Dynamode A220 as that is the current internal PCI modem. Look on Dynamode's website for the current drivers that will match the installation pictures. Cheesy
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trying to set up ADSL Home but no joy

Dynamode sent out some incorrect cables. If you contact Support via Contact Us (New Query > ADSL Orders > Missing equipment or some such thing!) they will dispatch a replacement ASAP...