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support our injured servicemen

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Registered: 09-09-2007

support our injured servicemen

Apparetly SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors and Airforce Association) want to have some accomodation units close to the rehab units where injured servicement are being treated. Their talking about commondation for 6 family members, not whole families or anything like that. However, the locals are up in arms about it (Nimbies!)

Please read the e-mail and if you feel inclined sign the petition.

Thank you.

> Hi Everyone,
> I would be grateful if you would please sign up to the petition link below and then forward it to all your contacts: -
> This is to support a small SSAFA run family accommodation unit next to the Military Hospital at Headley Court. Headley Court provides rehabilitation to our service personnel.

SSAFA wish to buy (and put in disabled access) a large house in the village of Ashtead to allow a maximum of 6 family members to be accommodated close to their injured loved ones to help overcome the trauma caused by injuries sustained during current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The residents of Ashtead have issued a torrent of frankly disgusting and spurious letters of objection to this plan (such as hygiene and noise pollution). Not in my back yard!!

They are currently in danger of getting SSAFA's plan rejected.

People are desperately needed to sign this petition, and if time
permits, to write letters of support to Mole Valley council.

It only takes 5 mins to sign up and could make a massive difference to those families that have to endure the anxiety and trauma of supporting their relatives through the long process of physical rehabilitation and PTSD.
> Please pass to all your contacts. Thank you.
> As ever,