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strange email.


strange email.

Hi all,

Just received an strange email, which appears to be sent from my own email account, which seems to look like a official force9 email, except it seems to come from my user name rather than force9.

It talks about my password being changed, and contains a zip file (which I refuse to open). The main worry, is the email seems to have originated from the plusnet servers.

Who should I contact to investigate this?

Thanks in advance.

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strange email.


This is one of a new wave of junk email, trying to obtain your details. As such its safe to delete the email without doing anything with it. Unfortunately, its most likely that we can't do anything about the sender, as they are probably an innocent third party who's become infected with a virus.

Spam & Virus Ridden mail replying Ivan

Hi Kap,

Yes! Its a very alarming experience for the first time receiving an email that seems to come from your own account but wasnt sent by yourself. Just to reassure you your not alone I have had many many spam or junk exactly the same as this.

My own reaction was to be quite indignant even angry at who ever was trying to trick me but I have come to realise that spammers & virus writers are low life who will try literally any trick to con what they want out of others. They will stop at nothing, so what you have received is just another trick to get you to open the email & file.

**Now I dont even bother looking once I realise its just another spam or virus ridden mail.

**I use the F9 spam & anti virus service that comes with my premier broadband account and its very good, I also use a program called Mailwasher Pro on my local machine this flags up rubbish like this so I can delete it in seconds off the mail server so they never get downloaded in the first place. or