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setting up of account


setting up of account

i have been on the checking my line section on the asdl tracker for about 3 days now and it says the results should be found within 24 hours is t5his normal and how much longer will i have to wait to go to the next stage. shaun
of all the thing iv lost, i miss my mind the most

RE: setting up of account


Your order is still awaiting the clearence of your direct debit. We cannot perform the line tests until we have received payment as we are committed to paying BT for your ADSL as soon as these happen.

Direct Debit normally takes 3 working days to clear, as soon as that happens you will see some progress. We do wanr of this additional delay on signup, and recommend that anyone wanting a quick install should use a credit card for the initial payment.


Ian Wild
F9 Customer Support