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sendmail on old cgi-bin


sendmail on old cgi-bin

I am still trying to recover from the cgi loss so am still on old system. Problem is that my calls to sendmail '/usr/sbin/sendmail' seem to have stopped working sometime between end June and today, and causing me havoc. Have tried all manner of tests but no good. Anybody any ideas - PLEASE

Have done further tests on other ISPs with same script and all work OK. I know script is working on F9 as I am able to re-direct to a 'thankyou' page etc. Its just that no emails are being sent out. Is this just another f9 B***s up?

sendmail seems to have moved

I have had the same problem.

One reason seems to be that sendmail has moved from /usr/sbin/sendmail to /usr/lib/sendmail(confirmed via the shell).

Seems a funny placy to have it, however when I changed my path it seemed to now work

Hope this helps