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registrar not allowing me to update my own domain name....


registrar not allowing me to update my own domain name....

I'm having a terrible time! My website/email have been down for over a week which is causing me major hassle, none of which is F9's fault, but I wonder if someone can help me.

I use F9 for ADSL and want to also use it for my website/email.

I purchased my domain name ( about 5 years ago from quickdomains who appear to also be netnames uk. It has been working fine, pointing to my previous ISP ZetNet, until zetnet expired my account without warning a week ago. I want nothing more to do with either of them!

ALL of the contact details relate to THEM and not me. F9 will not allow me to transfer the domain in to them until at least the technical contact is them. I have faxed, emailed and phoned netnames to no avail - except that they eventually updated the email address to be my f9 default email address... F9 are also telling me that the registrar-lock may make it impossible to move.


registrar not allowing me to update my own domain name....

The fact that your email address is now recorded as the Administrative Contact (which I've checked to be the case) may be enough for you to wrest full control over your domain. It wasn't obvious to me that the domain is locked, but I'm not saying it's not, either.

The first thing to be aware of is that registering a domain and hosting a domain are two separate issues, so although you may have registered the name through some other company, that does not necessarily mean you cannot host it on Force9, and often it may be cheaper to have separate registration (although with Force9's offer on some account types of domain registration for £1 per month, the scope for savings is not high!).

If you're intent on using Force9 for both registration and hosting, AND if Force9 must have at least one of the contact details set to their name, then I would be inclined to look at a two-step process:[list=1]
  • Transfer the domain from the current registrar (Quickdomains/Netnames) to a different registrar which is known to give you control over the things you subsequently need to change.

  • Adjust the contact information to suit the requirements for transferring to Force9, and then effect that transfer.[/listShocked]After step 1, you should be able to host your domain on Force9, even though it's not registered through Force9. You can then initiate step 2 at your leisure (typically, when the domain name next comes up for renewal), and you may even decide that there's no need to take the second step at all.

    One domain registrar which I know allows you both to transfer-in a domain to them on the basis of an email to the existing administrative contact, and which subsequently allows changing of the contact details at will is DomainsNext. You should read their page on transferring-in domains to them -- it will cost you $11.95, which will extend the expiry date for your domain by 1 year ($11.95 is their annual rate for .com domain names, so if you keep the domain with them, it will cost you about two-thirds of the £12 per year with Force9). They provide a domain manager tool, which allows you to adjust the contact details and DNS settings of your domain, so things are under your control. The other thing to look at would be how much they charge to transfer out from them (I'm not sure what the rules are on this, and it may be that they're not allowed to charge for transferring-out).

    Another company to look at would be They will charge you £19.99 to transfer-in to them, but this will also give you a one year extension on your domain -- see their Domain Transfers FAQ. Their regular renewal price is £8.99+VAT (£10.56) per year.

    If Quickdomains/Netnames (listed with InterNIC as "NetBenefit plc aka NetNames") continues to be obstructive, you should lodge a complaint:
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    registrar not allowing me to update my own domain name....

    Thanks VERY much for your helpful message.

    Going to investigate those two sites...