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"Cannot find server or DNS Error" page


"Cannot find server or DNS Error" page

I moved house about 2 months ago and had my f9 adsl connection moved. Since then I've never had a satisfactory connection.

I can browse to the or and occasionally other sites but for the most part I get an error page 'Cannot find server or DNS error'

I have been in contact with f9 support and have tried everything they have suggested but they don't seem to know whats going on..

I checked :
cables, splitters, DNS settings, RWIN and MTU settings using DRTcp.exe, viruses, spyware, firewall on/off, Windows SP2 installed not installed, rebuilding my machine etc.

but to no avail.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems for which they have found a resolution?


Have you?


Have you checked that you have the correct setings for the following items:-

1) If ADSL Is connected via ethernet (i.e a network card and router) have you checked that you IP address is correct?

2) Check your settings bye using IPCONFIG /ALL from a command prompt, check to see that DHCP is disabled, that your subnet mask is correctly set, IP is static and correct, default gateway is correctly set to your local device such as router or ADSL adapter, That you have the correct F9 DNS server's correctly defined, i.e. primary DNS & secondary DNS bye there IP address.

3) Its also worth checking your machines own routing tables, again use the following at a commands prompt : route print. Have a close look to see if this table makes sense.

4) Its also worth trying to FLUSH your DNS cache (use IPCONFIG /flush) the command has a space between the config and the /flush. Both windowsXP and IE can get there nickers in a twist when it comes the this. I have had this problem frequently and often a DNS cache flush helps or a reboot does the same, or should have the same result's.

Hope this might be useful?? Good luck


"Cannot find server or DNS Error" page

Thanks for the response, I have tried your suggestions but there doesn't appear to be anything wrong.

F9 support have now connected as me and seem to accept that there is an issue so hopefully they'll be able to sort it out now


Hello Again,

Well at least checking all the items I suggested to you probably helps the process of elimination (i.e trouble shooting) and should get you much closer to the root cause and hopefully now F9 have accepted that there really is a problem. May be something will get done to resolve it and sort it out for you, so hopefully you'll end up once again with a working web connection.

**Lets hope it gets solved for you in the very near future?? fingers crossed etc,etc

Ivan :lol:

"Cannot find server or DNS Error" page

so the problem has only started since you moved home?

did you reinstall your pc as well?, cos if u never then all settings should be as they were before you moved.

try accessing sites by the ip address and not the dns name, if it works then reapply you ip details and reboot machine. if it doesn't work then I would have thought it was to do with the line especially if all your equipment was working fine before the move.

something else to try is if you've a mate with a laptop or pc that uses adsl connection try that on your - if get same problem then definitely a line fault


"Cannot find server or DNS Error" page

Thanks for the reply.

I tried most of those. Force9 tested my connection by dialing in as me themselves and had the same problems. They have reset my IP address at their end and so far, fingers crossed, it seems to be woring.

I just wishe it had't taken 1 month of persuading them that there was actually a problem

Once again thanks for the response