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phpBB I screwed up and need help please


phpBB I screwed up and need help please

Hi everyone
installed phpBB and everything was working fine, until I decided to improve the looks. Downloaded new style and tried to set it as default in admin, but it wouldn't save.
Played around with folders and files, after which subSilver wouldn't work either.
Fine I thought and deleted all phpBB elated folders on my CCGI space and reinstalled phpBB in a new folder. Which - you guess right- wont work now .
Somewhere some permisssioning wont let me get to

Comes up with error as below
Is there a way to completely clean my CGI space and reinstall properly?
Does deactivating CGI and later New Activate solve my problem?
Any help very very much appreciated.

Thanks Robby

CGIWrap Error: Execution of this script not permitted
CGIWrap Error: Request Error
There is a problem with the request. Please contact the owner of the site you are trying to access.

Server Data:
Server Administrator/Contact:
Server Port: 80
Server Protocol: HTTP/1.1
Virtual Host:

Request Data:

User Agent/Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
Request Method: GET
Remote Address:
Remote Port: 62715
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phpBB I screwed up and need help please


You'll need to set the permissions correctly on the php files for them to work.

Have a look at

which should explain what you need to do.