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phpBB Help needed please!


phpBB Help needed please!

I have two queries with phpBB. Hosted at

1/ The time now on my forum shows as one hour behind the actual time. Not sure why this is as I have set the config to GMT (actually I tried GMT+1 to see if it added the hour but it did not make any difference).

If I login (telnet) to the server it shows the correct time with BST on the end. I wonder if the BST bit is confusing the php script? Any help from anyone would be useful.


Secondly I require that users are approved. I will only approve email addresses from certain academic institutions etc. However I have tested out the system by registering myself with a fake email address that normally bounces.

The php scripts email sent to the new user (the welcome message) does not bounce back to my administrator email address or anywhere else. This is quite odd. This means that if someone registers with a fake email address at a domain that I would normally approve I won't know that it is a fake address unless I go and get the email address from the user properties and email them seperately myself.

Does anyone know if this is a phpBB feature or just something to do with this particular f9 server? I would have expected the email to bounce back to the "from" address given which is my forum admin address (which does receive emails ok).