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php embedded in html


php embedded in html

Hi all,
I want my home page to be my www.domain but I also need to use php/mysql. Php has to go in cgi.username.etc so to access it directly I need to point at that address.
I can make links to the cgi site, but I need some php stuff on the home page, which needs to be html as it will be in my main htdocs directory.
Is this making sense?
I may be missing something here, but if php MUST go in cgi, then I can't have CGI on my home page...??
I found a solution but it doesn't work on all platforms (works on a Mac but not on a PC), this is to use the EMBED tag and make the SRC to php file.
Is there another method of doing this that will work on all platforms? Or should I rethink the whole thing? Advice appreciated.

php embedded in html


I see and understand what you are saying,
I don't know the full answer but try a re-direct via this
site - I use 'em on my yank site a few times
They are brilliant! I love this site!

When you get there take a look at the menu on the left,
for full details - this service is 100% frre too!

It will have www. + any name you choose +
For instance, or or ,
you see how great that works. (the .ws stands for website.)

So you go to,
you make up your name like the examples above,
it will ask you where you want to redirect the website to,
then you put in your long (ugly) url.

I know its not exactly what you're after but it may help!
See, what you could do is have an html page on your
main site under your own domain name and, perhaps,
a link on the page going to the re-direct that you can make
via, and folks will
see a similar domain name as the web address.
I may need to do something similar, as I am trying
to install the following, which is php.
so when you get an answer - post it as a reply to this.

I need to get a database up and running and am having trouble,
my database says "No databases" surely it should say:

my username_fol

Would you please take a look at the post titled
"Mysql Mystery" - leave an answer even if its
sorry can't help - so I know you've been.


php etc

Thanks Marcus, an interesting concept. I'm not sure it will do exactly what I want though as I need the php output (a table created from DB query) to appear within the page.
The 'no databases' thing happens when you first go to mySQL. You'll see the server name (rumpus) and a Go button. Select the server you were told to in the database creator email you were sent and log in with the username and password from the same email. You will then see your database and 'test' table. I'll post back to this thread if I get any more info about php so keep watching.
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php embedded in html


You could point your domain name directly at the cgi server, so that www.domain actually points at the webspace. You can then set up the pages on there be they php or html.

If you want to do this raise a ticket, there's a specific path under technical support, which will give you some instructions to do on your side and some changes on our side.