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optorite dvdrw dd0201 help


optorite dvdrw dd0201 help

Cheesy Hi all
Was wondering if anyone can help me out with a problem im having with my optorite dd0201 dvdrw + - the problem im having is as follow's, i cannot access dvdr disks i have written to, one example is i play americasarmy so i downloaded it and copied it to a dvdr disk, then installed it from the disk,now i can't even access the disk, it just show's up as empty and it's the same for all of my other dvdr disk's, i have updated the firmware, searched the internet for day's now to try and find a solution, i have even done a fresh install of my operating system and that hasn't worked ,just to add i can still write to disk's and i can watch original dvd's. can anybody help me please my dvdrw is just over a year old and i hardly use it!
mike Sad

Problems with DVD-RW


This sounds like a very familiar problem to me unfortunately, I have a CD-RW drive and have had very similar soundling problems. I think this problem is caused by the way the drive prepares the disk for recording (if its a CD-R or in your case DVD-R) and its something too do with the way the software we are using in conjunction with the drive itself prepares the disk. On my machine the problem always is a damaged or missing or corrupted first track. Of course if the fist track is corrupted then the remaining space on the disk is useless. In my case I have just tended to bin the CD-R disk as they are NOT expensive if you're buying them is spindles of 50 or 100 or 150. But in your case DVD-R or RW disk I would imagine are NOT cheap and so one cannot afford to just start binning them.

**So this problem is something to do with the way data is written to the removable disk DVD-R or CDFS file system.

**Different software use different techniques for writing data to such disks, some use a system which writes data as packet's and others use ISO format.

**I suggest that you see if you can find out what method of writing data to your DVD-R disks your drive & software are using as this may bring you closer to discovering the cause of the problem.

**Also my CR-R software has some diagnostic tools and can even repair or attempt to repair some of these damages disks. Have a closer look through the DVD-R/W software or advanced features to see if this might be offerred?

**This is NOT repeat NOT a windows or OS problem is far far more likely to be software related or the DVD drive itself (in other words the DVD hardware possibly) but my guess here is that its a software related problem. What program are you using to record to DVD-R/W?


optorite reply

i use nero and alcohol, the thing is i used to be able to install off these disk's but now i can't any longer, i have seen quite a few posts about this dvdrw and the same problems but can't find the soulution to the problem, i just seems to be my dvdr disk's im having problem's with, it cant be the firmware as it started happening before i updated, even if i rollback the firmware its the same, all my dvdr disk load on my friends pc so something strange is going on inside the dvdrw, also there is no solution on the optorite site.

DVD-RW drive problems

Hello Again,

Yes! I stick to what I said before this is a software problem, OK heres what I would suggest from past experience. In order to prove that this is indeed a software problem (or to eliminate it as a software problem) you could try several different things here.

1) Get hold of another different copy of Nero or Alcohol (same version numbers if possible as the one's your currently using) uninstall the one's on your machine and install from fresh this/these copies of the above and see if the problem reoccurrs. If the same problem does reocurr after the new copy/s are installed then that might point to a hardware related problem (ie the drive unit itself)

2) You could remove the entire DVD drive unit and take it to a friend's and see if they might let you fit it into their machine with the same software if possible. Once that has been done see if the problem can be reproduced,again if Yes! then again this would point to the DVD drive itself.

3) Another thing you could try is changing the version number of the software your using i.e. upgrade the version of Nero or Alcohol but if your going to do this make sure your DVD-RW drive is still supported and compatible and that the program is backwardly compatible with your previous version otherwise non of your disks made before will be readable at all.

**Contact Nero or Alcohol technical support via email or phone and see if they can help you too, its what I would do myself given your situation.

**Basically at its simplist you have to test the drive unit itself and the software too and work through a logical process of elmination to prove which part is at fault software or hardware.