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new virus strain reported!


new virus strain reported!

The following information was sent to me today from Message Labs Re: possible new virus strain, see information below.

On 14th September 2003, MessageLabs the email security company intercepted several copies of a new mass-mailing virus, which were initially identified as a new variant of the Gibe family of viruses.

The initial copies all originated from Slovakia, and some later copies originated from the Netherlands.

The proportion of emails carrying this virus have risen to 1 in 355 in the last 24-hours, and MessageLabs have therefore classified this as a high-level outbreak situation.

Name: W32/Gibe.E-mm (NB: the name is to be changed to W32/Swen.A-mm)
Aliases: W32/Gibe.F-mm, W32/Swen.A-mm
Number of copies intercepted so far: 35,450
Time & Date first Captured: 14 Sep 2003 19:30 GMT
Origin of first intercepted copy: Slovakia
Most affected countries: USA (46%), UK (13%), Netherlands (7%)


Initial analysis would suggest that this strain is a mass-emailing virus, and is similar to the earlier Gibe strain of viruses, however, there latterly may be sufficient differences to give rise to a new family and further analysis will be required. The emails appear to be different, and the attachment name may vary.

:-) Ivan