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mysql command


mysql command

Could anyone tell me the command line syntax for the mysql command.

I've logged into the CGI server, and to get into mysql config, I need the command. I know it involves the username, the password and the database name.

It was e-mailed to me when I activated MySql, but the PC has crashed twice since then (What do you want to re-install today, eh Bill...) so have lost it.


RE: mysql command

You will need to de-activate and re-activate the MySQL on your account.

You still can't access the MySQL DB without any of the details provided int hat e-mail.

The MySQL command is as follows.

mysql -h <host> -p -u <username> <dbname>

<host> = humbug or rumpus. This is in the e-mail they send

<username> = Your +Net login name

<dbname> = Your database name, ending "_pn"

You will be asked for a password after hitting return.

It is possible to pass the password via the command line, yet this is insecure (I have seen hundreds of passwords on the CGI machine, by using command line arguments).