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modem replacement problems


modem replacement problems

At the moment I have an integrated pctel HSP56 software-modem (V90) based on a sis chipset, which gives nothing but trouble and takes a lot of the processor’s speed away. The best solution is to change to a separate hardware modem with its own processor. I still have a four year old modem card (brandname Rowana? Or something like that) based on a Rockwell chipset complete with drivers for windows 95 and that worked problem free using V90 on my previous computer. The question is now: can I use that in my current computer (550Mc amd k2) and if so where do I get the necessary drivers for 98SE? If that one is not useable anymore what is a good modem (good as in value for money; my budget is severely attacked by non subsidized course fees for my career change) and what would I be expecting to fork out? The latter part of the question is related to possibilities in Kent/London.
All advice including what not to do is very much appreciated.

Thanks, Ben


RE: modem replacement problems

In my local computer shop (here in Merseyside), we pay £20 for software/WinModems, and £24ish for a hardware controled modem.

THey are not the most reliable things, and I am glad to be away from them and onto DSL.

The quickest thing to do, is take a look on

HSF is a win/software modem.
HCF is a hardware / hayes compatable modem.

If you are willing, me sugestion is a com port modem. You get full speed from them, and you can gurentee it's all hardware based.