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mIRC problems.


mIRC problems.


Can anyone else using F9 dcc chat/send when using mIRC ?

It used to be fine with dial-up but since changing to broadband wont work!

I have gone thou many help files on the problems associated with ADSL and mIRC but still no luck.


mIRC Replying Ivan

Hello thestottfamily,

What comes to mind is, I just wonder if for either security or anti virus reasons F9 has blocked or closed ports on their network that mIRC uses?? It might be worth openning a contact us ticket to ask that very question, or may be the answer might be on the portals help pages or FAQ's?

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mIRC problems.

If you've changed from dial-up to xDSL the chances are it is your xDSL router blocking the connections when you are trying to start any DCC connections.
You can tell mIRC to use a specific port range, and you can probably tell your router to send any connections to those ports to a specific PC at home.

If you need more help just yell and I'll try to walk you through it.
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mIRC problems.


I've worked thou a few FAQ about DCC send not working etc but have given up!

I have PHP/mySQL running on my home machine so I would say not a beginner yet this has stumped me big time.

Any help would be appreicated.

I have a Belkin Router/Modem


mIRC problems.

Mirc uses a range of ports to send/recieve dcc requests. Within mirc, you can set this port range, and then open your firewall to use these ports. By default it uses 6667-6669 but you can configure 5000-5005 for example.

You need to do 2 things on your router:

1. Open up the ports on your firewall to allow that traffic to pass through, that is port 5000-5005.

2. set up a NAT rule to forward these ports to your internal address.