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hi, i seem to be getting really poor speeds to and from korea at the moment (two different locations in .kr), previously i could reach upto around 50kb/s down & 30kb/s up, however now it seems i'm getting between 2-5kb/s.

other people in the uk don't seem to be having problems to the same locations so i'm wondering if there are problems with force9 reaching .kr ?

any help would be appreciated.

Hop Count?

In cases like this sometimes its worth being aware just how many other networks, internet routers and servers,etc your connection is passing through.
Clearly delays can take place any where along a long connection like the one your talking about.

OK whilst the following suggestion wont in and of itself speed up a slow connection it is possible to discover where the delays or problems lye. Inside of F9, or telehouse in London or a UK transit route ( a big UK pipe) or outside of UK territory.

Even using a dialup connection you can use the "Tracert" commend using a DOS window ( or sometimes called a DOS box or DOS command prompt). This command requires tha hostname or websites IP address (such as,etc) or hostname might be Its possible to find the IP address from the host or site name by using NSLOOKUP followed by 1 space followed by the site or hostname.

If you use the tracert command it might take a few minutes to report back the full data but it should tell you just how far away across in world wide web your connection is travelling, commonly called the hop count.

PS:- these commands require an active or live internet connection via modem or ADSL.

Ivan Cool



thanks for the tracert information Smiley - i already knew about that :-P

my link appears to go through and all response times after leaving into are pretty abismal - any further than that and i get no ping or tracert response, presumably due to firewalls blocking ping/tracert. ( i dunno?)

all i can say is that, both of the places in .kr had really good speeds until a month or so - one site reported of having routing problems to .eu in general which have since been resolved and now it seems to work fine for all people in .eu inlcuding .uk except me =\ - funny how both sites which are in different locations in korea suffered decreased speeds at the same time though...

also, since i use these places to share 24bit 96khz wav files - the slow speeds can be a bit painful :x

anyway - i don't know what can be done to find out about routing issues and i don't know if it is routing issued, maybe its worth looking into?? i know in general europe isn't routed to asia particularly well - but i would have expected higher thant 5kb/s Smiley

its probably even nothing to do with force9 - i blame BT - (i blame them for everything)

thanks again, sorry for the whining Smiley

Blame or not blame?

I wouldnt be too quick to dump the blame for slow speeds on BT though, this sounds far more likely to be related to routing issues than general transnational (inter-continental) bandwidth or fat data pipe traffic.

If you wanted to you could try to contact the network administrator for the site or network where the ping or trace route falls over. If you use the NSLOOKUP or RIPE database (possibly might need to use the international RIPE equivelent)
its should be possible to find an email address for the network admins person, if you could do that it might be possible to find out if the problem of speed/s of connection is just a temporary issue or if it was a more permanent problem. The network people might not even be aware that there is a problem.
Its always worth a try after all what do you have to loose, not much as far as I can see (abit of time writing a couple of emails?).

Ivan :lol:


hey Smiley

yeah i agree with what you say to be honest - i honestly don't know whats up..

i spoke to the network admins at both places in korea about a week after the speed dropped and they said the problem isn't at their end since their other UK & eu users are ok...

i dunno, i'm a bit out of my depth with all this really ... just thought i'd see if force9 can perhaps shed any light - i guess i'll just have to live with it Sad

No choice of route

Hello again,
Yep! the frustration I have with this kind of situation is that if you know anything much about how the internet is formed (structured physically that is) then you will know that there are probably several hundred (possibly thousands even?)
of potentialy different pathways (routes) your data requests could travel along but as a user ( you & I ) have no choice or control over which pathways the actual data travels by inorder to reach the site in korea.

**And to add insult to injury the koreans have possibly the fastest domestic internet services of any country, 10meg ADSL connections I'm told are common place as the koreans spent large amounts of money some years ago putting in major computer links in the big cities.



heh yeah- most annoying..

i'm told korea is like a big lan though, and that its a bit useless to get anything from outside of korea/asia - still... uk sucks for the internet - even in paris you can get 5.5mbit adsl for cheaper that we have 1mbit adsl...



Hi Ya,
Yikes!!!!!!!!! ouch!!!! I hadnt known ADSL in Paris was available at such speeds,
but to be honest I'm not that suprised. The UK always seems to behined the times on such things and I'm just gratefull that I even have 512K ADSL that actually works. Look at it another way, if the UK was any further behined we wouldnt even have ADSL. I'm not complaining myself, just grateful for what I have.

**I'm sure in the distant cyber future 100Mbit will be common place and even be thought of as slow.

Ivan :?

Re: Yikes!

**I'm sure in the distant cyber future 100Mbit will be common place and even be thought of as slow.

Well you get 1Gbps networks now, so I suppose it is slow :lol:


i've been privelaged enough to see some gbit transfers going at speeds of 34000kb/s (not a gbit lan either!)

can't wait until i have those speeds at home ;p