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invision forum

has any one tried installing an Invision Power Board on their site? I have managed to get the files in to my cgi-bin but I can't access them from any where. When I try to run the installation file from my address bar, all I get is a big sheet of code. I have looked all through the FAQs at Invision and for this particular problem all they say is that it is probably because my server doesn't read php. I'm not entirely sure I understand that but I think it means that it's my own fault. I did every thing by the book, read all the read me files which were about as useful as some thing that isn't very useful, but I still can't get the thing to work. Even when I go in to the cgi-bin through telnet I can get to the directory where the files are stored. I can list the files but when I try to execute the installation file, it tells me that the file doesn't exist. I CHMODed the file to 777 when I uploaded but I just can't get in to it.
Can any one help?

RE: invision forum

Try putting it outside your CGI bin, I've managed to get the installer running but it failed as F9 prohibit users from performing SQL DROP queries.

However given the new CGI platform this situation may have now changed