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htaccess and htpasswd


htaccess and htpasswd

Can anybody tell me the path for the htpasswd file i have to use in the htaccess file.
I want o password protect a folder in my cgi space l;ike i do in my www space.

According to free-online it works just the same- yea right!

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htaccess and htpasswd


You should find all the answers in this tutorial. Any problems let us know.

htaccess and htpasswd

So happy to see a link directly to a tutorial for what I am looking for,

but unfortunately the link is dead

Has this tutorial moved?

Setting up passworded folders is simple on the homepages server, but I need to use it on my ccgi. space.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have generated my passwords, the .htaccess file and my .htpasswd file, all located in the directory, but I can still access the directory without entering a username or password.
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htaccess and htpasswd

Here is the correct link;

Are you trying to access PHP files, by any chance?

Sometime ago I was helping some other users set up oscommerce on the ccgi servers and we found that you could not secure the administration section as repeated attempts with the wrong password would still allow access to the PHP files, but not the styles sheets.