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help with types of modems please

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Registered: 31-08-2007

help with types of modems please

I have a USB broadband modem that came with my f9 package.

I have just brought a router and print server which need a modem that connects using WAN ethernet.

I assume that I will have to by a different sort of modem now? will it work with my f9 broadband set up? i.e.can I just plug it into my phone line?

any other suggestions

Confusing Question?

I read your question but to be honest with you, what your asking is abit confusing really. As I understand it if you have braodband enabled and you've bought yourself a router the question I would ask you is why are you wanting to use a modem too? Why not connect your server & print server via a cable (or even better a simple hub or if you want a more sophisticated configuration a 10/100 switched hub like the one's made by the likes of 3Com,etc).

**I am suggesting that you might be able to do away with your modem it might now be surplus to your requirements.

**The computers & servers & print servers you have can be connected to ADSL via a hub or switch and this in turn should be connected to your ADSL connection. This is a simple design which thousands of small business's & organisations use. You would need to ensure that you had some form of firewalling in place to add protection to your network or computers.

If you used your router to connect to the web (WAN connection using CAT5 cabling into your router and your router to the ADSL phoneline), you could do away with the modem. Hope all this makes sense?


help with types of modems please

ive answered your your question in another thread, asking the same question multiple times will just cause problems.