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ftp server at home


ftp server at home

Hi all,

I'm trying to set up an ftp server at home for a friend to access abroad. It's a linux server which I have got sorted now. How do I make it accessible to the outside world. I am using an efficient networks router with NAPT enabled. I don't expect someone to talk me thru it, just wondering if there's a website I can take a look at to figure it out for myself.

Cheers in advance


RE: ftp server at home

cant speak for linux but you need a good ftp proggy to run, where you can setup the permissions for your friend to access in a secure manner.
You should also make sure you set up a specific port for the port translation to your server. Unless you're gonna use a http style setup.
He will prob have a hard time either pushing or pulling of it at the mo with all the speed and connection probs. Why not test your setup from remot location first, like using a mat or doing it from work and see how well it works.
A good site for linux stuff is sourceforge who have a host gnu public programs for linux or at least they used to. Mostly free domain as well.