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email query


email query

Could anyone tell me if it is possible to have two email addresses and if so how do I do it. M. Roberts

email query

Could you explain a bit more about what you have in mind regarding the two email addresses?

For example, do you mean something like:[list=1]
  • and

  • Or do you mean something like and

  • Or even and (or even[/listShocked]Hope that's not too confusing!

    (They're all possible, by the way.)

    And do you want the mail to end up at a single collection point (mailbox), or do you want it in separate places (for instance, to enable two different people to collect their mail independently of one another)?
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    Re: email query

    Could anyone tell me if it is possible to have two email addresses and if so how do I do it. M. Roberts

    Thank you for your help. I have now created a new email just for poetry and wonder if it can be delivered to my usual mail box.? How do I do this and if to another box........., would I be able to find it? oblige dumpling otherwise known as M. Roberts

    email query

    By default --by doing absolutely nothing at all -- you can use anything you like in front of the "@" sign, and the mail to all of those addresses will end up in your standard mailbox.

    So, you could tell someone to send to, someone else to send to, another person to send to, yet another to wbyeats... , tseliot...., jkeats..., atennyson..., wwordsworth..., (you get the point) and -- without you lifting so much as a finger -- it will all end up in your mailbox, and be returned to you when you connect up to collect it.

    If you want certain mail to go to a different mailbox, you have to create a new mailbox in which to store it and from which to collect it. To do this, select the Email settings link over on the left. You'll see a page with a "Configure Mailboxes" icon on it. If you click on this icon, it'll take you to a page on which you can see your current mailboxes, and modify them, add new ones and delete ones you no longer want. The page also includes help on using this facility, and configuring your email software to retrieve the mail from your new mailbox.

    If you use this facility to create a new mailbox, say, one called "poetry", then any mail sent to will be placed in this mailbox. Mail sent to any other address (eg will continue to go to your "standard" mailbox, not to the one called "poetry".

    The rule is this: if whatever is in front of the "@" sign in the email address matches the name of one of the mailboxes you have set up, it will be placed in that mailbox. If there's no match, then it will be placed in your "standard" mailbox. What goes after the "@" sign must always be "" which identifies the mail as being for one of your mailboxes and not someone else's.
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    email query

    Does the above apply when i have a domain name and remove the 'force9' part of the email address?


    My domain is

    and I already have two email addresses set up in my mailboxes


    Could i just use the email address like this and still recieve them into two seperate mailboxes ?


    Thanks Tongue

    email query

    Yes, that's exactly it. has the same mailbox as

    and has the same mailbox as

    and the "howell" mailbox is distinct from the "helen" mailbox.

    So, in your mail client software, you can change your email address from "" to simply "" and when people send replies you will pick them up exactly the same as before.