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e-mail virus


e-mail virus

Don't know whether the [censored]I've received is virus or not. It's subject line is 're-your document', some thing like that. Run my anti-virus stuff and that comes up with nothing. I delete the e-mails and I have removed the address that the mail was directed to. I have also cleared my address book, changed my password and I unplug my modem whem I'm not using the internet. What else can I do. I'm getting paranoid here guys!
PS can any one tell me why these dead brains do it? Are they employed by Symantec or McAfee or who ever. :?

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Ye Ye Ye

Hi there,
Sorry! but this is your bog standard pain in the behined virus writer type stuff,
Like yourself I have no idea why these weird people create these things. Perhaps its just becuase they can? or perhaps they like annoying millions of other people. No I dont think they are in cohoots with the AV software companies.

I wouldnt bother getting so paraniod, just read up in detail about viruses,worms,trojens,etc the best defence is knowledge in this situation.

The second thing I highly recommend is a freeware program like mailwasher or one of the equivalent type programs. These are run BEFORE and mail is downloaded to your computer and allows you to delete any viruses,spam,junk,etc from your ISP's server. So the rubbish never gets any where near your machine. for a free version