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dvd+/-r blank discs


dvd+/-r blank discs

Recently, I've read on the web that an awful lot of discs are coming on to the market that are either fakes with branded logos or rejects sold as C or D grade stock but re-printed and sold as A grade

As a general warning, please only buy from a known supplier, or a reputable company.

As far as I understand, these discs are indestinguishable from the proper discs. They will have the right logos and may even have the "right " manufacturer's code printed on them ( on the inner write side of the disc).

If you find discs that are really cheap, or being sold sold as grade A, A+ or A+++
on certain auction sites, ( you know where I mean Smiley ), be very suspicious.

So far it seems mainly DVD-R that is affected, because they have been around longer. It's a fair bet that DVD+R will soon catch up in the fake stakes.


Talking of auction sites, I recently bid for some cd's, that turned out to be cheap copies. ( I can do these myself if I so wish and certainly wouldn't be paying someone else for them ). Be careful, Always but always ask the obvious questions.

1) Is it an original

2) Is it by the original artist

You'd be surprised how many don't meet the above criteria on well known auction sites that pride themselves on being vigilant about such things. You know who I mean Wink

Still, after killing 2 topics with 1 posting, I would like to hear from people who have been caught out. i.e. What did you do about it ? and what did the web site do about it? In my case, even though I notified them immediately. The auction site ( you know who Wink ) didn't seem particularly concerned and I never heard anything from them, even though I'd lost money.