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do none of the tech support know Mac OS?


do none of the tech support know Mac OS?

how do I set my Mac [ OS 9 ] to work on f9 ADSL?

none of the tech support guys have a clue!

I hav followed f9 instructions on which router to buy [ Alcatel 510 ] but how do you get it to work?

The techies cant even tell me how to set up TCP/IP Control Panel ...

The Alcatel are no more helpful and the CD they supply has no mention of Mac OS. when I try and upload the .ini settings supplied in an OS 9 folder it does not work either.

is there really a conspiracy against mac OS going on?



RE: do none of the tech support know Mac OS?

I have an Alcatel Speed Touch 510 as well (but I don't use a Mac). You should find that, because you have an ADSL Ethernet Router, rather than a USB modem, the setup is pretty much Operating System Independent.

By default, the Alcatel comes with its Ethernet interface set to IP Address Therefore, in order for your Mac (/ PC, it doesn't really matter) to access the Alcatel's Web Server, you need to set the Mac to also have a 10.*.*.* IP Address, (but not, since this is already used by the Alcatel!) Try giving your Mac an IP Address of (you'll have to sort out how to do that yourself, because I have no idea - there might be an ifconfig "command"Huh or something similar).

Once you've configured the Mac to a 10.*.*.* IP address, you should be able to access the Alcatel using a web browser, and URI If you can do that, things are heading in the right direction, for it will enable you to go to the upgrade screen and upload a configuration file - a modified version of one of the ones on your installation CD.

Here's what I did to prepare my config file for uploading:

1. Browse the installation CD for a suitable config file: the one I used was called PPPoA_napt_dhcp_dns_uk.ini. I copied this to my hard disk, made it read/writable and then edited it with a standard text editor.

2. There are just two edits which are required, plus another one which is advantageous - they're to do with setting your Force9 user-ID and password, and (the optional one) a password for accessing the Alcatel itself.

3. A few lines into the file, you'll see entries like these:
set var=DSL_ADDR value="0*38"
set var=PPPoA_userid value=""
set var=PPPoA_passwrd value=""
set var=passwrd value=""

Make sure the DSL_ADDR entry has the value 0*38, which is standard for the UK. You should set the PPPoA-userid to, and the PPPoA_password to whatever your Force9 password is. The optional bit is the passwrd entry, which you can set to some value to protect access for Alcatel administration. So you should end up with something like:
set var=DSL_ADDR value="0*38"
set var=PPPoA_userid value=""
set var=PPPoA_passwrd value="your-F9-password"
set var=passwrd value="your-Alcatel-Administration-password"

4. Save the file.

5. Go back to the Alcatel Web interface, and click on teh "upgrade" option. On the screen that comes up, the second table is marked "Configuration". Scroll down to this, and press the browse button. This will bring up a standard Mac "File Chooser" dialogue, which you should use to select the configuration file you've just prepared.

6. Now press the "Upload" link on the web page, and your configuration file will be loaded into the Alcatel.

7. Press the "Restart" link to activate the configuration.

8. All being well, the Alcatel will now have connected to Force9 - evidence of this may be found in these screens: "Status" (Line state enabled, speed values shown, etc), "Connect" (pppoa Interface connected and up) and "Routing" (pppoa entry exists in the IP Address Table, showing the IP Address which Force9 has assigned to the WAN side of the router).

9. If you've got all that, you're almost home and dry! You need to make sure your Mac knows that to reach the Internet, it has to send IP traffic to the Alcatel (ie to, which you do - somehow on the Mac! - by setting a default route to Also, it needs to know how to resolve TCP hostnames to IP Addresses, so (again, somehow!) you need to give it the Force9 DNS server addresses. One way of doing all this, should be to set the Mac as a DHCP client, and rebooting it. The Alcatel, as configured by that file we loaded, should act as a DHCP server, and provide all the necessary network configuration info to the Mac.

10. That should be enough to get you working. Once you're happy with that, you might try experimenting with the configuration file to change from the default settings (remember if you get into trouble, you can easily reload the original one to get back to a working setup). One problem with those supplied config files is that a side-effect of the "var"s that we edited is that they leave environment variables on the Alcatel - containing your passwords!! If someone gained access to the Alcatel, simply by listing the environment variables they would see your passwords. One way of eliminating this weakness is:
a. telnet to
b. enter any user-ID
c. enter your Alcatel password
d. enter: env
e. enter: unset var=PPPoA_passwrd
f. enter: unset var=passwrd
g. enter: exit
h. Now go to the Web Interface, Press "Save All" to save the modified configuration (without the unwanted environment variables), then go to "Upgrade", and this time use "Backup" to store the configuration on your Mac's hard disk.

RE: do none of the tech support know Mac OS?

thankyou for such a thorough, thought-full reply stephen,,in the end we (just,,) got my pc up and the mac came in - inc. some f9 help..

my mac tech pal last night had reason for some sure f9 will be uppin its mac support - both on line/this website and with its staff,,hey stephen if they post a link to your reply/publish it under 'mac help' they would begin to provide,,

(alcatel - just plain forgot macs really exist - errr .ini file in a os9 folder - alcatel simply never put their own suppotcd in a mac - need to make another 10 million$$$ first),

mac one step above linux and 6000 steps below windows...credability, science,power,usability,,,
of course eyes open and we all know the opposite is nearer the truth,
enough to turn discerning users in to pure linux/mac heads,


ps a thankyou to russ till at f9..promote him.


RE: do none of the tech support know Mac OS?

Just a quick note to anybody wanting to connect via OSX just follow Stephen Muir's guide in this thread and you will have no problems.

Thanks Stephen!!!

Regards Andrew widger