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delays responding to URL requests


delays responding to URL requests

I’m still suffering absurdly protracted responses for URL requests. I click on a link or request a page, and it can take anything up to 90 seconds before the request is serviced. If I request new URLS in several browser windows one after another, after the long delay all requests are serviced at once.

I haven’t yet tried to see if connecting to a streaming server for, say 6K/sec audio stream might help keep the pot on the boil; partly because I don’t have Windows Media or Real Player (Real Player is offensively intrusive), but does anyone know if that might work?

However if during one of those long delays I request my email from the FOL server, the response is usually only a few seconds, but doesn’t seem to poke the rest of the requests into action.

Of course the problem may very well be at my end - I tried removing and re-installing the TCP/IP protocol in my W98SE, but it made no difference.

I’m also having trouble with my cheapo Dabs PCI Conexant ADSL modem, which often takes anything up to 12 hours to find the line, although once it’s found it, all the stats like noise margin etc. look excellent and it never drops the line until the computer goes into standby. This is clearly nothing to do with FOL, and is probably my set-up but I’m mentioning it in the forlorn hope that someone out there has found a cure for a similar experience - but like I’ve said already too many times, I’ll probably have to air it on the PlusNet forum for any hope of finding a response from another user.

When I can’t connect by ADSL I use one of my client’s accounts (with his permission!) to connect to the 0808 service, and I’ve found it often slower than PlusNet's equivalent 0808 service (another client’s permission!!). I can’t be specific about the occasions I’ve found this but it’s just a general impression I’ve got during the last 6 weeks.