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crontab crap!!!!!!!


crontab crap!!!!!!!

Sad Has anybody out there had a go and tried to 'telnet' to this isp - nothing works. According to all the Tutorials - Help and Support I have seen and read, there is an awful lot of contradiction - even phoned for help but no one on the phone has got a clue about 'telnet', seemed rather perturbed that I disturbed there conversation and coffee break - made me feel unwanted - treated a paying customer with contempt at the fact I dared phone directly, young and care less types in an office who just take the money and run, no good !!!!!!

:shock: Has any one actually tried to Telnet using this isp - tell me seriously howHuh

How did you do it - write back to me - please - with the full instructions.

crontab -| does not, I repeat does not work, 9 days now I have tried to activate a file - these files do work on American isp's why not here - what is different about this server that will not work - will I have to choose another server and not waste any more time and monthly costs here?

Has any one got a clue what this symbol is: -
crontab -l

I was told it was next to the z on the keyboard, doesn't look or activate correctly.

signing off - very disgruntled and ready to move on to new ground,
Marcus Evil

crontab crap!!!!!!!

I can't try telneting to the Free-Online server, but can certainly access the PlusNet and Force9 CGI server ( I don't have CGI Access on Free-Online)

The command you are typing is "crontab -l" (that is minus ell not the charachter to the left of Z which has a special meaning on the command line)

Tutorial on Connecting to the CGI servers using Telnet (needs updating slightly since the Server change but the commands should all be the same - just what is shown to the user is slightly different)
Tutorial on using Crontab

crontab crap!!!!!!!

I've never had any problems with telnet and FOL.

However if you are going to use unix commands and programs like cron you need to know how they work and have a little understanding of their functionality. This is nothing to do with FOL. There is no fancy graphical front end available for cron (that I'm aware of) you have to use it from the command line and that means you need to know how to use it and have some understanding of the way unix paths work..

The command for listing your jobs is
crontab -l
the l is a lower case letter L (it means list).

As far as I can see from this and your posting on the other thread your problem is that you do not understand what you are trying to do. There is nothing wrong with FOL or with the way cron is implemented. You're just not using it correctly.

I've posted to the other thread too, follow my instructions there and I'll see if I can help you further.